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No New Posts Gaellen Pact (Ogryn, Lizardmen, Skinwalkers, Orcs)

30/11/2021, 10:46 pm
Gaellen Pact
42 Ogryn Tribes
35 Lizardmen
32 Skinwalkers
45 Orcs

Subhuman giants with prodigious bellies and brawn, Ogryns are nonetheless sluggish, dumb brutes prone to servitude. Yet these terrifying great oafs often prove that brute force and ignorance will often win the day. Together with the Skinwalkers they control Felwin’s Gate, entry to the Kingdom of Aravia.

Ogryn Tribes Legendary Champion
Big ‘Un (OT-LAM)
Drokgul the Gaunt (OT-LSS)
Gurgoh the Augur (OT-LAV)
Gurptuk Moss-Beard (OT-LSF)
Ignatius (OT-LDM)
Shamrock (OT-LSS)
War Mother (OT-LAM)
Ogryn Tribes Epic Champion
Cagebreaker (OT-EAS)
Galkut (OT-EAS)
Ghrush the Mangler (OT-EDS)
Grimskin (OT-EDM)
Grunch Killjoy (OT-ESF)
Klodd Beastfeeder (OT-EHM)
Maneater (OT-EHV)
Occult Brawler (OT-EHS)
Prundar (OT-EDV)
Shatterbones (OT-EAF)
Siegehulk (OT-EAM)
Skullcrusher (OT-EDF)
Towering Titan (OT-EHV)
Urogrim (OT-ESV)
Uugo (OT-ESM)
Ogryn Tribes Rare Champion
Bellower (OT-RSV)
Flesheater (OT-RSS)
Fortress Goon (OT-RDM)
Furystoker (OT-RSS)
Geargrinder (OT-RHV)
Lumberer (OT-RAF)
Magmablood (OT-RAF)
Mycolus (OT-RSV)
Ogryn Jailer (OT-RAF)
Pounder (OT-RDM)
Rocktooth (OT-RAM)
Ruffstone (OT-RAF)
Siegebreaker (OT-RAS)
Stoneskin (OT-RHV)
Wagonbane (OT-RSM)
Ogryn Tribes Uncommon Champion
Brute (OT-UAM)
Frostskin (OT-USM)
Hungerer (OT-UHF)
Oldbeard (OT-UDF)
Thrasher (OT-UAS)
Ogryn Tribes Common Champion

The Lizardmen evolved from the brackish waters of Teleria long before modern humanoid races emerged with more powerful brains. These fearsome amphibious bipeds have been deemed untouchable but are tolerated in swamps and city sewers. They trade through messengers to get sustenance, or ransom for their captives.

Lizardmen Legendary Champion
Ba Satha (LZ-LHM)
Dracomorph (LZ-LAM)
Fu-Shan (LZ-LAF)
Krisk the Ageless (LZ-LDV)
Ramantu Drakesblood (LZ-LAV)
Rhazin Scarhide (LZ-LDF)
Roxam (LZ-LAM)
Skull Lord Var-Gall (LZ-LDF)
Vergumkaar (LZ-LSS)
Lizardmen Epic Champion
Aox the Rememberer (LZ-ESF)
Basilisk (LZ-EAF)
Broadmaw (LZ-ESV)
Drake (LZ-EAS)
Jarang (LZ-EAM)
Jareg (LZ-EHM)
Jizoh (LZ-EDS)
Quargan the Crowned (LZ-ESS)
Skathix (LZ-ESV)
Venomage (LZ-ESM)
Lizardmen Rare Champion
Bogwalker (LZ-RDF)
Flinger (LZ-RAS)
Gator (LZ-RSM)
Haruspex (LZ-RSV)
Hurler (LZ-RAF)
Metalshaper (LZ-RSS)
Muckstalker (LZ-RHM)
Skink (LZ-RAM)
Skullsworn (LZ-RAF)
Slasher (LZ-RAS)
Slitherbrute (LZ-RAM)
Lizardmen Uncommon Champion
Hardscale (LZ-UDM)
Saurus (LZ-UAS)
Skinner (LZ-UAM)
Stalker (LZ-UHM)
Lizardmen Common Champion
Troglodyte (LZ-CDS)

As told by the tragic legend of Ch’arocah, Skinwalkers once had the power to cast themselves in the form of any man or beast. But after centuries of overuse, these shamans found themselves entrapped as something less than human, but more than animal. Though wild and dangerous, they can sense evil and may act to prevent it.

Skinwalkers Legendary Champion
Brakus the Shifter (SW-LAF)
Cleopterix (SW-LAS)
Hakkorhn Smashlord (SW-LHM)
Khoronar (SW-LHV)
Leorius the Proud (SW-LAV)
Longbeard (SW-LAM)
Norog (SW-LDM)
Teumesia (SW-LAV)
Warchief (SW-LDF)
Skinwalkers Epic Champion
Basher (SW-EAV)
Fayne (SW-EAS)
Flesh-Tearer (SW-ESM)
Hoforees the Tusked (SW-ESF)
Reinbeast (SW-EDF)
Ripper (SW-EAF)
Scabrius (SW-EAM)
Snorting Thug (SW-EHF)
Steelskull (SW-ESS)
Taurus (SW-EAM)
Ursine Icecrusher (SW-EDF)
Ursine Ironhide (SW-EDF)
Yaga the Insatiable (SW-EAF)
Skinwalkers Rare Champion
Bloodhorn (SW-RHV)
Bloodpainter (SW-RAF)
Channeler (SW-RSS)
Fleshmonger (SW-RAM)
Gnarlhorn (SW-RHS)
Grappler (SW-RDS)
Graybeard (SW-RDM)
Panthera (SW-RAV)
Skinwalkers Uncommon Champion
Satyr (SW-UHS)
Windtalker (SW-USM)
Skinwalkers Common Champion

Orcish tribes maintain a tenuous hold in pockets from Durham Forest to the Deadlands. Initially bred as warrior slaves, Orcs do what they must to ensure their survival, and will pick off unwitting travelers for their coin, blood and bones. Fearful of persecution by the men of Kaerok, they have sided with the Queen of Aravia.

Orcs Legendary Champion
Angar (OR-LHV)
Gomlok Skyhide (OR-LSF)
Grohak the Bloodied (OR-LAM)
Iron Brago (OR-LDS)
King Garog (OR-LAF)
Kreela Witch-Arm (OR-LSM)
Nogdar the Headhunter (OR-LAS)
Robar (OR-LAF)
Teela Goremane (OR-LSM)
Varl the Destroyer (OR-LAS)
Warlord (OR-LSV)
Orcs Epic Champion
Bloodfeather (OR-EAF)
Bonekeeper (OR-EAF)
Dhukk the Pierced (OR-EDM)
Old Hermit Jorrg (OR-ESM)
Sandlashed Survivor (OR-EDS)
Seer (OR-ESV)
Shaman (OR-ESF)
Terrorbeast (OR-EHS)
Tolf the Maimed (OR-EHV)
Torturehelm (OR-EHF)
Tuhak the Wanderer (OR-EAV)
Ultimate Galek (OR-EAM)
Vrask (OR-EHS)
Zargala (OR-EAF)
Orcs Rare Champion
Chopper (OR-RAM)
Deathchanter (OR-RHM)
Galek (OR-RAM)
Goremask (OR-RAF)
Huntress (OR-RAV)
Ironclad (OR-RHF)
Pigsticker (OR-RAM)
Raider (OR-RAS)
Ripperfist (OR-RAV)
Spikehead (OR-RAM)
Totem (OR-RSS)
Treefeller (OR-RAF)
Twinclaw Disciple (OR-RAF)
Veteran (OR-RDV)
Wyvernbane (OR-RAS)
Orcs Uncommon Champion
Suntribe (OR-USM)
Throatcutter (OR-UAS)
Tracker (OR-UAF)
Warchanter (OR-UHM)
Orcs Common Champion
Warboy (OR-CDM)
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